Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In brief

Garage sale profit - $404! Whoop whoop, very happy.
Kids babysat o/night - Oh Happy Day!
Japanese dinner and saw The Hunger Games at the movie - fabulouso!
Sleep in the next morning - yippyayeh!! Priceless.
Sewing machine fixed - hurrah.
Laptop main board fried - boo.
Guitar restrung and tuned - hurrah.
Computer glitch not fixed but still works - boo-rah!
Mouse still with the computer dude - boo.
Quiet week, restful day - hurrah.
Still washing up at 9pm, hubster coming home late again this week - boo.
Looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow - hurrah!
Lost the progger  - spat the dummy - boo.
Found the progger under a piece of paper - hurrah!  Feel silly.

Hope you're all well, I'll be back when I'm able to post again.


  1. Well one on your garage sale.....Yah to all the good things and hopefully all the other stuff is righted soon. xx

  2. that is such a good results from the garage sale! And a night off with no kids, sleep in and dinner out :)
    WoW that sounds like the most amazing weekend ever!


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