Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garage Sale-ing

The garage has been filling up all week with donations from various places....

Highlights include the Louis Vuitton bag (is it faux or pas?), a matching set of doors, a working air conditioning unit, some pretty fancy shoes and hats from uber trendy mummy Lois May, a shed load of books, Vittoria and Primo Caffe cups and saucers, funky mini metal teapots and milk jugs, 4ft metal vases, toys, blankets, hoodies, brand new beach chairs, baby equipment (baby gates, cot, car seat, booster seat, activity center, bath and bucket) and of course brand new handmade gifts from my Little Gumnut Shop.  Flip, you could kit your entire house out at this garage sale.

Tomorrow is my baking day.  That and putting up signs round the road and if I've got the energy, a leaflet drop to all the neighbours.

I've placed the ad in the paper and Trading Post and paid the outrageous price. The kids have been sent to school with about 90 leaflets to paper school friends with (they only came home with about 20 - whoop whoop!  Good job kids!).  The sign and bunting have gone up outside the house.  Emails have gone out asking friends to publicize it and several friends have very kindly posted it on facebook for me. Hurrah!

Now I just need to remember to text a couple of friends to see if they can lend me some Fijian music to play on the day.  Oh, did I mention the charity we're doing it for has changed?  I looked into the internet cafe in Kabul but the organization running it was more political than I first thought and I couldn't read anything on their facebook page as it's all in Pashto or Dari.  When I heard that the recently flooding in Fiji has left 15 families in our previous church C3 Lautoka with almost nothing, I thought this would be a good opportunity and something we could help with.  So here we are... almost at D Day.

The hubster will be around to set up but after that it's the kids and I plus a couple of girlfriends who are going to come on over.  He's going off for his birthday paintballing event with friends. HooRah! Grrrrrr! Pthew pthew and all that.

Ours on the other hand is going to be a Girl Power morning for sure!  We'll be sipping tea, eating brownies and catering to shopping crowds (I hope).  I'm just praying that most of it gets shifted otherwise I'm going to have a long haul flogging things on Gumtree and Ebay.

Any hot selling tips for me for holding a garage sale?  And please, please, if you know anyone in the area, spread the word!!


  1. If I lived there - I would come. And I would scoop up those funky metal teapots. ;-) Praying it goes well for you! I'm planning my own sale this summer, but sadly, I have no winning advice to give. Our sales always leave us wondering why we ever do them and swearing that we'll never do another one. But here we are... ;-)

  2. if I lived there...i would come too!!!!!!
    fun fun
    may you sell lots and lots and lots

    love and light

  3. I LOVE a garage sale! Looks like you've got some great stuff! I can't wait to read the post on how it goes!!

  4. OOOOOOh wish I lived close...sounds like one fantastic garage sale. All the best. xx

  5. now that looks like one trendy garage sale...fingers are crossed its all gone before 10.00 am :) It will be a huge success after you have done so much "Sharing" about it xx


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