Thursday, March 22, 2012

Obsessed or on a roll?

I don't know what gets into me sometimes.  If I get an idea or want to learn to do something, I seem to obsess over it for several days or perhaps a week and then the passion burns out.

I once ventured onto the original Brighton Pier with a fistful of 2p coins and started playing the British version of the pokies.  I was like a madwoman.  It seriously made me vow never to go into a casino.

I started fiddling around with the geekery glasses and have found myself with (ahem) 14 different versions of these... with different librarian, sci-fi, retro quotes.  And that's before I start experimenting with the fluro colours.  Omgosh, so much fun!

Words and colours roll round together bumping and jostling each other like so many skittles pouring into your sweaty little palm.

The colour combos are infinite!  The computer is playing up tonight and I need to go to bed.  My throat is sore and dry, my eyes are starting to see double.  Time for sleep but hopefully I'll be able to show you the rainbow skulk version in the morning when computer and internet are behaving themselves.

Sleep tight and dream of beautiful colours.

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